Ue Brazil Serra do Caparaó, Natural

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With unique microclimate with relatively low temperatures, and improved farming practices of the expert agronomists from the Caparaó Junior Agricultural school coffee grown in the Carapaó mountains benefit from slow maturation and develop more complexity of flavour.This natural process coffee has soft tropical fruit notes with a medium acidity and creamy body expect notes of dark Caramel, milk chocolate and tropical fruit such as papaya and mango. 


An exciting new name in the speciality coffee industry Ue Coffee is lead by Head roaster and licensed Q Grader Aaron Torres who has the skill, experience and qualifications to help each coffee reach its full potential as Ue Coffee’s head roaster. Aaron will not settle for anything below exceptional, so your coffee is always going to be of the highest standard as he oversees all coffee related part of the business, Aaron is supported by Marcello Geraci a passionate coffee professional who lives and breathes coffee. With years of experience as a barista working with high-end specialty coffee, Marcello pushes the Ue Coffee team to reach new heights in the industry.


Brew Recipe

Espresso: 1:2 coffee to water, extracted in 28 – 32 seconds

Filter: 60-65g coffee per litre of water, brewed for 3-4 mins

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