SEY - Worka Chelbesa - Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is widely acknowledged as where coffee originated, and its production continues to represent about 10% of the country’s gross domestic product. DNA testing has confirmed over 60 distinct varieties growing in Ethiopia, making it home to the most coffee biodiversity of any region in the world.

This is a very interesting lot from a washing station SEY have been working with for a few years now. This is a blend of both wet and dry fermented coffee. The result is a very sweet and juicy coffee with more fruit forward complexity and a touch less acidity than you would normally expect. In the cup we find florality and red tea, with deeper tropical fruit and a peach-like brightness. 

Gedeb is the southern most region of the Gedeo Zone, and has only been producing coffee for one or two generations. Most of the trees are about 20-30 years old—quite young by Ethiopian standards. This area is fascinating for multiple reasons, and we'll continue to explore the region with a lot of interest as we try to find and bring new and beautiful coffees to market.