Onyx Coffee Lab Rwanda Kanzu #5 (Web Exclusive)

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In the tropical volcanic soil of Rwanda just west of the famed Lake Kivu, lies the Kanzu coffee station that mills this group of smallholders farmers. This coffee showcases a rich exotic sweetness tasting of different caramelization levels of complex sugars and stone fruits. A great coffee to introduce an uncommon origin and unique flavor profile. The mouth feel is round, silky and juicy. Kanzu #5 Performs well as an espresso or filter coffee.


“Never Settle for Good Enough.” It feels like a piece of branding or a slogan, but over the years this mentality has developed into a mantra  that permeates everything that Onyx Coffee Lab stand for. 

Based at 101 E Walnut avenue , Rogers Arkansas , a facility that showcase's every step of the coffee supply, and production chain alongside being a production roastery and training facility. the Rodgers location is also a cafe where Onyx work alongside a bakery, taquiera and mezcal bar, and a twenty seat tasting restaurant, and a high end cocktail bar all created by chefs and makers from the local area. 

The goal for their café space much like our own is that you feel welcomed, seen, and heard, and that whatever coffee or pastry you choose fits what you’re looking for without pretence or judgement. It’s the service at the very end that completes the supply chain and every drink, every interaction, every item is cared for, intentionally made, watched over, and executed to be exactly how the customer wants it.

Add your filter paper to the clever brewer and pre wet with plenty of water , place the lid on the brewer and leave until you can feel the brewer is warm to the touch. 
Remove the lid And drain the water through the brewer into your chosen decanter or mug. 
Place the brewer onto your scale and zero it, add 25g of filter ground coffee, shaking the brewer to level out the coffee bed. Add 50g of 96C water and stir with a large spoon to make sure all the coffee grounds are saturated. After 30s have elapsed add the remaining 350g of 96C water as quickly as possible and stir again making sure there are no lumps of coffee, preferably before 1 minute on your timer. Place the lid onto the brewer and allow the coffee to steep for two and a half minutes. Now it’s time to drain the coffee , discard the water from your decanter or mug and place the clever on top allowing the coffee to be released, remove the lid from the brewer and allow it to drain fully , this should be at around 3:30 give or take 15s. In  the cup expect honeycomb plum and maple syrup.

For this coffee we use 20g of ground coffee to 45-50g of liquid espresso out in around 25s , black this espresso tastes like sweet bright plum, apricot and maple syrup, With oat milk we get flavours reminiscent of fruit pastry like the beautiful danishes we serve in the cafe.