Onyx Coffee Lab Finca Isnul, Washed/Patio Dried Pacamara

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Located in the La Democracy municipality of the famed Huehuetenango region of Guatemala lies an incredibly special farm called Isnul. This farm specializes in meticulous prepped coffees of the Pacamara variety. Bright, juicy nectarine flavors mixed with sweet almond notes animate from the cup. Farmer Danny Perez grows, processes and mills incredibly outstanding coffee. The farm and Perez family have achieved the highest awards in coffee farming winning Cup of Excellence in Guatemala multiple years.


“Never Settle for Good Enough.” It feels like a piece of branding or a slogan, but over the years this mentality has developed into a mantra  that permeates everything that Onyx Coffee Lab stand for. 

Based at 101 E Walnut avenue , Rogers Arkansas , a facility that showcase's every step of the coffee supply, and production chain alongside being a production roastery and training facility. the Rodgers location is also a cafe where Onyx work alongside a bakery, taquiera and mezcal bar, and a twenty seat tasting restaurant, and a high end cocktail bar all created by chefs and makers from the local area. 

The goal for their café space much like our own is that you feel welcomed, seen, and heard, and that whatever coffee or pastry you choose fits what you’re looking for without pretence or judgement. It’s the service at the very end that completes the supply chain and every drink, every interaction, every item is cared for, intentionally made, watched over, and executed to be exactly how the customer wants it.


Finca Isnul V60 recipe 

Place your 02 size filter paper into your v60 and rinse filter with hot water (usually 100ml will be enough) to wash away any paper taste and pre heat the brewer and decanter. 

Discard the water from the decanter once it's warm to the touch. 

Add 25g of filter ground coffee to the brewer and shake flat. 

Tear your scale and start the timer. 

Add 50g of filtered water just of the boil to  Bloom , swirl to saturate all the ground s and wait until 30sec total has passed. 

At 30 seconds pour into the centre of the bed in small circles about the size of a 50p until you have added a total of 160g of water (including the bloom), at 1 minute again pour into the centre of the bed in small circular pours until you total brew weight is 220g , at 1:30 we start or final centre pour of another 60g bringing us up to 280g total. At 1:55 pour slowly in concentric circles from the centre up to a total brew weight of 340g and then again at 2:20 up to a final brew Weight of 400g wait a few seconds for the water level to drop slightly and swirl the v60 to flatten the coffee bed and detach any grounds stuck on the paper filter. The coffee should be drained completely in between three and three and a half minutes. 

Finca Isnul Espresso recipe

19g Espresso ground coffee 50g yeild in 25-28 seconds 

Black expect Sweet Nectarine, Lemonade, brown sugar and a hint of bakers chocolate. In large milk drinks especially with oat milk Isnul tastes like Sweet Lemon tart with chocolate shavings. It’s a real crowd pleaser.