Mow's x Dark Woods Black Edition

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Mow's Black Edition - an Ethiopian from Yirgacheffe with delicate jasmine florals and notes of blueberry and lemon makes this is beautiful as black but also works beautifully as a flat white with Oat milk it reminds me of blueberry granola. 


When we approached Dark Woods to create our own bespoke Espressos the aim was simple, we wanted to create a dedicated espresso that would be bold enough to stand out in milk beverages (the White edition) and a more nuanced and fruit forward Espresso for black coffee drinkers (Black Edition). Working closely with Tom and Damien we have created exactly that. 

Both of our Espressos are exclusive to Mow's Coffee and are roasted for us on a small scale by Dark Woods head roaster. They are single estate blends meaning they are a blend of processing methods rather than origin. Our White Edition Panama is 60% Natural and 40% washed and our Black Edition Ethiopian is 70% Natural and 30% washed - this provides a balanced and easy to work with Espresso but maintains the inherent quality of the terroir.


Black Edition Espresso Recipe

19g of Espresso ground coffee 50g yield in 24s-26s 

 Black edition V60 recipe:

Pre wet paper filter and warm brewer 

Add 18g of filter ground coffee, using filtered water just off the boil add 50g bloom stir and wait 45s.

@45s circular Pour to 180g 

@1:15 circular Pour to 300g 

@1:55 stir top of the water to detach any grounds stuck on the paper filter