Dark Woods - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Carbonic Maceration

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This stunning coffee from Ashenafi Argaw is sourced and processed from cherries in and around Gedeb and Dumerson village, Yirgacheffe. Exceptionally clean and ripe fruit notes make this unusually processed coffee one of the best Ethiopians we've tasted in a long time.

Carbonic Maceration is a form of natural processing in which the drying cherries are flushed with carbon dioxide to drive anaerobic fermentation for a period during the drying process. More commonly seen in wine making, this method is becoming increasingly popular amongst pioneering coffee producers as it creates additional layers of sweet and complex fruit flavour. 

In the cup expect sweet white peach , passion fruit purée and orange zest. 


Yirgacheffe is one of the most popular and celebrated coffee producing regions of Ethiopia , which is itself the home of Arabica coffee. coffee cultivation and drinking began as early as the 9th century in Ethiopia so they have plenty of experience ! This lot form darkwoods brings the long history of Ethiopian coffee together with new processing method more common in the production of wine, creating an exceptional coffee  with flavours of white peach, passion fruit purée and orange zest.