Cat & Cloud Honduras - Angel Antonio (washed Parainema)

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This coffee came to Cat & Cloud  thanks to the partnership between farmer Angel Antonio Rivera and processing mill owner Benjamin Paz. Benjamin is a leading force in the Santa Barbara coffee community, where he helps process coffees, support farmers, and connect them with coffee buyers around the world. This coffee is a great gateway into the world of single origin coffee. With a dynamic stonefruit & tropical sweetness typical of the Santa Barbara region, it’s unique enough to shine on its own, but still has enough balance and body to be a relatable and all-around enjoyable cup, expect notes of fresh Mango , Demerara simple syrup and orange blossom honey. 

This coffee is part of the Cat & Cloud Best Friends Club initiative, in which a portion of  sales of  Honduran coffees from Cat & Cloud is set aside to give back to the farmers directly. Find out more about this project on the Cat & Cloud website, and our upcoming blog post. 


Cat & Cloud is a coffee roasters headed up by Chris Bacca, Jared Truby and Charles Jack, who also have a string of cafés in and around Santa Cruz California. 

I have been following the story of Cat & Cloud since they were borrowing time in a roastery to roast their own coffee and doing pop up cafes in a Santa Cruz bakery. 

I listen to their podcast and watch a lot of Cris Bacca's content on YouTube, to say i’m a fan is an understatement!

These guys are my coffee inspiration and the fuel for some of our values at Mow's, they do things differently to most cafes, creating a community hub not just a cafe, with no pretence and with a mission to leave everyone happier than when they found them, you can see why they are one of my biggest inspirations in the Industry. 

Now a four cafe operation, with their original cafe at 3600 Portola Drive, also the home of their first Roastery.

All the coffee at Cat & Cloud is roasted on a hand built San Franciscan, direct flame roaster built in Carson City Navanda. 

We are so excited, and proud to be able to bring their coffee to our cafe.

I am most happy to bring you a Honduran coffee from Angel Antonio which is part of the Cat & Cloud Best Friends Initiative, there is a constant pursuit for better financial support of farmers, and Cat & Cloud have focused on their relationship with Honduran farmers specifically working with them directly, and buying all of their coffee each year. 

A good relationship isn’t only kept in the good times and ditched in the tough times! Cat & Cloud are supporting their partners in Honduras this way no matter what.

Secondly, not only do they buy the farms entire crop they wanted to level up financial support as well - so for every retail bag of coffee purchased, $1 is sent directly back to the farmer who produced it. A dollar might not seem like a ton on its own, but for this coffee Angel Antonio will receive the equivalent of an extra month’s salary.