Cat & Cloud - Brazil Fazenda Rainha - Pulp Natural

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This yellow Bourbon from the Fazenda Rainha farm located in Brazil’s Vale da Grama, an ancient volcanic valley that spans the borderlands of Mogiana and Minas Gerais. grown in old volcanic areas, benefiting from the (relative) newness of the nutrient rich soils and the rolling hillsides of the farm the trees lush with green leaves and plump, juicy, Yellow Bourbon cherries produce coffees of exceptional quality.

A repeat finalist in the Brazil Cup of Excellence, Fazenda Rainha took home first place in 2011. Their commitment to excellence is apparent in every cup.

Expect flavours of straight peanut butter & jelly.


Cat & Cloud is a coffee roasters headed up by Chris Bacca, Jared Truby and Charles Jack, who also have a string of cafés in and around Santa Cruz California. 

I have been following the story of Cat & Cloud since they were borrowing time in a roastery to roast their own coffee and doing pop up cafes in a Santa Cruz bakery. 

I listen to their podcast and watch a lot of Cris Bacca’s content on YouTube, to say i’m a fan is an understatement!

These guys are my coffee inspiration and the fuel for some of our values at Mow's, they do things differently to most cafes, creating a community hub not just a cafe, with no pretence and with a mission to leave everyone happier than when they found them, you can see why they are one of my biggest inspirations in the Industry. 

Now a four cafe operation, with their original cafe at 3600 Portola Drive, also the home of their first Roastery.

All the coffee at Cat & Cloud is roasted on a hand built San Franciscan, direct flame roaster built in Carson City Navanda. 

We are so excited, and proud to be able to bring their coffee to our cafe.


We recommend this one brewed on a clever dripper to boost body and sweetness , a cafetiere would also be a great method to use for this coffee as it will benefit from the higher body immersion brewing produces. 

Add 20g filter ground coffee to your pre heated clever dripper (make sure to rinse the filter too ). 

Start your timer and then aggressively pour 300g 97°C water into the brewer and stir constantly until 30s have passed. 

Place the lid onto the brewer to improve the thermal stability in the brew bed and leave to steep for two and a half minutes.

At three minutes place the brewer onto your pre heated decanter or mug and remove the lid. 

As the coffee draws down swirl the brewer to level off the coffee bed for a more even extraction. 

The coffee should take around 4 minutes to drain - if it takes longer don't worry as the coffee will have already reached an extraction equilibrium and is unlikely to over extract.