The Mowbray Christmas at Home

The Mowbray at Home has been many things to many people during 2020 and we hope these ultra special meals bring you so much joy this Christmas.

Collections for your Feast will be on Christmas Eve - the 24th December between 1pm and 4pm.

Collections for the New Year’s Eve Feast will be on the 31st December.

The Christmas Feast

A traditional Christmas Feast bringing you the very best from The Mowbray Kitchen. Packed with heartwarming nostalgia and the finest tastes of yuletide - the Christmas Feast is a beautiful 'main event' meal that is both exceptional and familiar.

We know 2020 has been a year of ups and downs - so with that in mind we're giving you the chance to build scale and opulence into your Feast - go big on starters and even bigger on pud? Or skip starters and go all in for pud and cheese? Just fancy the 'main event'? Go for it! You're in charge! We’ve also added in some fantastic options to look after Boxing Day as well!

Order for two or scale up to feed the family. All items will be chilled, ready to cook at your leisure! We will provide full instructions - and you can have Christmas dinner on the table in around 30 minutes!

The Christmas & New Year’s Feast

Starters, Boxing Day & Cheese Courses

Christmas Puddings & Treats

Christmas Tipples

We’ve also created a small collection of Mowbray 'Ready to Pour' Christmas cocktails that are made fresh to order - and we've picked out some of our favourite wines & and spirits that represent a warm fuzzy Christmas feeling for you to enjoy as well...

Christmas Gifts

A selection of gorgeous gifts for you to treat yourself or gift to others. We’ve picked out some of our favourite foodie items from The Mowbray Kitchen that make the perfect present and you’ll also find some beautiful little objects to help you dress and style your Christmas Table to perfection.

FAQ's for The Mowbray at Home

Why The Mowbray at Home?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic we had to temporarily close both The Mowbray and The Chimney House. This has allowed us to support our teams, diversify and support our local supply chains. Read more.

Placing an order

All Mowbray at Home orders are to be collected on Saturday between 11am and 2pm from The Mowbray. You can choose a 30 minute collection slot during checkout. All pre-orders must be placed before 11:00am on the Tuesday prior to the collection date. Please let us know of any other special instructions regarding your order.

Where Should I Collect My Order?

Come to The Mowbray, 118 Mowbray Street, Neepsend S3 8EN at your chosen time. If you’ve never been to The Mowbray before - you can find specific instructions here.

Why Preorders?

To order - we have a set preorder window and a dedicated day for collections. This allows us to eliminate waste and remain as cost effective as possible. It also allows our chefs to be able to give our suppliers longer lead times and control orders.

Dietary Requirements

We’ll do our best to cater for any dietary requirements! Simply enter any allergies in the text box alongside your order. If you would like to discuss your requirements before ordering please email us at

Why the Change?

By request and in the name of keeping our menus totally cost effective for you - we've invested into and developed our own 'The Mowbray at Home Shop'. We were being asked frequently by our customers if they could collect from us rather than pay for third party delivery fees.

Instructions & Allergens

With each food or drink order we’ll supply you with a menu complete with highlighted allergens and also clear instructions to prepare and heat your feast - which should take no longer than 20-30 minutes. All instructions will be included within your order. We recommend enjoying your Feast on the day of collection/delivery. Please be sure to refrigerate immediately.

Collections From The Mowbray

We have a procedure in place for one-in-one-out for busier times. Orders will be organised for collection using the time slots on the payment page. If there is a change to your arranged collection time email The Mowbray Team will wear gloves and masks at all times and ask you to be patient at busier times.


We use bags that are 100% 'made from plants', pots and containers that are 100% recyclable/compostable - to stay as true as we can to our in-house ethos of no plastics. We're loving exploring ways to deliver your food to you in top notch condition - that's also cost effective and plays a part in responsible usage.


It's absolutely crucial that we know we're hitting your expectations and providing a really great service that is tasty, good value and packaged responsibly. Here’s some of the reviews and comments that our guests have given us so far. Read more.

What are the Benefits?

We are a very small independent business that absolutely depends on the support of our customers - We’ve put together a list of reasons why The Mowbray at Home is important to us and hopefully to you! Read more.

When Shall I Eat The Feast?

Your Feast should be immediately refrigerated. We recommend enjoying your Feast on the day or evening that you receive it - but it will be fine to eat the next day as long as you've kept it in the fridge. All of our Feasts are presented chilled with easy heating instructions. We are not a hot take-away service.

Food Photography

We'll try when we can to show you actual images of The Feast - but often we'll show you a flavour of what it will be like or the vibe we're creating. You can see the first month's Feasts here.